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  1. Image of M30 Elliptical

    M30 Elliptical

    The sleek, curved profile of the new M30 elliptical brings an up to date polished look for the cardio equipment. The new M30 is constructed from only the finest components and is particularly built on an enormously sturdy, stable base. Paired with TRUE's legendary patented Pulse rate Control technology and additionally HRC Cruise Influence, the new M30 elliptical unquestionably maximizes your fitness equipment.
  2. Image of M50 Elliptical

    M50 Elliptical

    The sleek, curved profile within the new M50 elliptical brings a modern day polished look for your cardio equipment. Featuring ergonomic multi-grip insures, and orthopedic-cushioned, soft footpads, the M50 elliptical is equipped with premium user-focused characteristics. Paired with TRUE's legendary patented Pulse rate Control technology as well as HRC Cruise Regulate, the new M50 elliptical definitely maximizes your health and fitness investment.
  3. Image of 700 Elliptical Trainer - Emerge

    700 Elliptical Trainer - Emerge

    The 700 Cross Trainer is built with business grade materials and brags a smooth, element configuration made to motivate and lock in. Tone your muscles and expand your perseverance with a elliptical intended to give clients the most characteristic development accessible on a elliptical.
  4. Image of ES700 Elliptical Trainer - Emerge

    ES700 Elliptical Trainer - Emerge

    The 700 elliptical is engineered with commercial-grade materials and boasts a sleek, dynamic design made to inspire and engage. Tone your muscles and increase your endurance with a cross-trainer designed to give users the most natural movement available on an elliptical. The 700 delivers a comfortable, low-impact, and safe total body workout unlike any other on the market. TRUE’s 700 is equipped with all of the user-friendly interactive and patented TRUE features you need for your home fitness routine. Make the 700 elliptical your own with multiple console options.
  5. Image of PS100e Elliptical - Ignite

    PS100e Elliptical - Ignite

    TRUE has a history and reputation for quality and durability, and the PS100 Elliptical lives up to those standards. The TRUE PS100 Elliptical easily adapts to any fitness environment and is self-generating, so placement is never a problem. Since the PS100 is safely entered from the back, only a rear aisle is needed to access the elliptical machine. Give your facility an elliptical that can meet the demands and expectations of users at all levels.
  6. Image of 300 Home Elliptical Trainer

    300 Home Elliptical Trainer

    The 300 is a premium, client centered cross trainer; intended to help you attain to your wellness objectives at home. Produced with business grade materials and ergonomically built, the 300 cross trainer is assembled to keep you moving for quite a long time to come.


    A streamlined and sleek design provides effective workouts for a wide a range of exercisers. A smooth and natural-feeling ellipse path provides effective results, and intuitive console interaction allows users to easily get started with their workouts.
  8. Image of XG400 e Glide Trainer

    XG400 e Glide Trainer

    The XG400 is geared around someone that values extensive feedback and maximum workout variety. It will appeal to both runners and cyclists as a cross training modality that is full weight bearing, without the impact.
  9. Image of XE195 Elliptical

    XE195 Elliptical

    The XE195 is our entry level elliptical. It is just as dependable as our other models, but with a few less programs and features.
  10. Image of XE295 Elliptical

    XE295 Elliptical

    The XE295 is our mid-priced traditional elliptical.

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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